Here for you . . .

We all know that dealing with loss is quite possibly the deepest emotion you will ever experience, DPF are working hard to get an action plane in place to to help you.

The worst economic crisis for decades and you are in safe hands with DPF.

Helping you deal with whatever comes your way with family and your home to make sure that worse situation does not get even harder emotionally and financially.

We know only too well that there are times when you simply want to run away, we are here to help you do that ‘albeit it for a kittle break’ yes we will bring you back too and help you get through this. Its what we do….

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Cost of living


DPF can help you lower your bills for your home with a Free Utility Healcheck.

Our providers offer the cheapest variable energy tariff available today – even cheaper than the government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

And you unlock more savings when you switch your broadband, mobile and insurance too.

We can help you get more out of life, Earn extra cash each month, Work whenever and wherever it suits you most, Get rewarded for helping people through the cost of living increases.

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Family & Home


We understand that dealing with the new norm and at the same time adjusting yourself to filling the biggest void ever, you have to hold everything together with family, friends and all of the commitments that is forced upon you.

Often, it’s not even grief that’s making your head spin, you never prepared or even thought about this new world without the person you made the decision to spend the rest of your life with.

We are prepared, not to know everything about you or your loss, no, we are prepared for when you say ‘help’. It’s often a silent word that’s never said and at DPF your will never have to say it twice.

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Get Away Days

Lets Go

You know it coming, everything is building up and you feel like it’s all going to come tumbling down and what happens then?

Before you get to that point, sometimes a change of scenery, getting away from everybody or joining a group of friends and maybe people that have got no idea who you are or what’s your story. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you are not where you should be, you have escaped whatever you need to escape from and your are off grid, just enjoy being you or take time to think through what happened and maybe plan your first step to the next move in your life.